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Testo in inglese:

Don't you missSome long lost home;

You grew up here,But you don't belong,

You don't belong.

As the sun goes down,And your eyes rise up,

Searching the stars,But not for love,

Not for love.

And I found the Way, the Way,

A path through the stars;Search no more,

This is what you've been waiting for:Falun Dafa,

Falun Dafa,

Falun Dafa.

You toss and turnEach night without sleep;

Your mind's a storm;Will you feel peace?

Will you ever feel peace?

Your heart aches deepFor answers to all;

Heaven please speak;

Don't let us fall.

And I found the Way homeI found the Way,

I found the Way,

The WayA path through the stars;

Search no more,

This is what you've been waiting for:

Falun Dafa,

Falun Dafa,

Falun Dafa